As a property management team in Columbia and Lexington, South Carolina we are helping homeowners and investors build wealth.

Current market conditions may cause homeowners to have a hard time selling their homes. If there is an urgent need to relocate, a homeowner may consider leasing out their home. As professional property managers, we handle the complete process of making sure your home is ready to rent to finding, screening, and placing the right tenant in your home. You never have to worry about getting involved in the process. 
We are retired military leaders who completely understand the complexities of relocating and leaving a home behind. Let us eliminate the concern of leaving one of your biggest assets. We make owning and profiting from rental properties a hassle-free experience. Choosing the right property management team makes all the difference.
Managing a rental property requires near constant availability and a diverse skill set; making it a time consuming proposition for the average property owner. Hiring a good property management company, on the other hand, can make property management simply a matter of cashing your rental checks and strategizing on how to best grow your rental property investment business.
As a full service real estate company, we can help you by:
  • Determining the optimal pricing strategy for your rental property
  • Securing the right type of property insurance
  • Screening tenants
  • Collecting rent
  • Handling any maintenance issues that arise
  • Handling disputes with tenants
  • Inspecting your property on a semi-regular basis
  • Tenants have the ability to pay online
  • Direct deposit to owner's account
  • Owner access to property information, i.e. payments, work orders, repairs, response time, photos, etc all online!
Whether you're looking for a property management team to manage a home, apartment building, or commercial property, we can help simplify your process. Call today!